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I put this in an email.

I don't believe in leagues as some people suggest. I think there are some people that can't date because they're too different on some subjects or they have the same faults so it would be a bad idea... but there is no such thing as "they're too beautiful for you". I think that's a cruel way to think about it and I think it abolishes hope, which is bad.

Real Photography

Rich found a praying mantas in the WinCo parking lot. It was hard to get it to stay still. He chased it up into this tree... which is the only place I could get a good shot of him.

I haven't been doing much of anything on LJ lately. Sorry. I know a lot of you have twitters or whatever, but I'm not going to get one. I've had people talk me into shit like myspace and facebook and I'm not falling for it anymore. Oh well, I guess. I'm probably just bored right now and I'll eventually make a huge come back here. I should at least make an effort to keep up with my friends.

And if you're interested, I'm still on tumblr. I update A LOT over there. I'm serious. If you're ever curious as to what I'm up to or what I'm into... that's the place to find out. You're silly if you're just waiting around here to figure out things.

Onto some nasty business: I'm not drinking anymore. I actually already tried to quit once, and then went back to it, obviously. Here's the thing - I got blackout drunk which scared the shit out of me. Almost literally. Then, when I finally came out of my little black out, I was sick for AN ENTIRE DAY. I threw up five times in one night. My stomach hurt for two days straight. It took a whole day for my hangover to kick in. And honestly? I feel permanently wasted now a days. Like that experience wrecked my brain a little.

So, that's over. Sorry if I'm a killjoy from now on when it comes to that kind of thing. I just don't want to accidentally hurt myself somehow. I'm kind of person who if I was drunk and went outside, I'd trip over my feet and fall head first into the pavement, you know, probably dying or turning into a vegetable of some kind.
I know this might not last.. maybe in a few years, I'll be able to go back. I just don't think so right now. And I like to think of myself in the future, telling others how long I've been sober.

Sorry for all the boring drama that's really me droning on about nothing too important. Or is it?

Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance

This isn't really a review. It's more like a walk-through. SPOILERS! This movie's like a fucking game you have to figure out. It's confusing. Not David Lynch-batshit-insane confusing, but still, pretty far. Park Chan-wook goes right up to the very edge but not too far to keep everything together.

I highly enjoyed watching this & even more enjoyed the shit subtitles it came with. At one point, Rich got up to research because there were never subtitles for any Hangul written on screen, lol. But hey, I plan on paying good money to have this movie; the entire trilogy actually.

Want a real review? Here. (they also spoil it.)
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I now have a plan to re-watch this, with hopefully better subtitles, Oldboy with out shitty fucking dubs, and the fade to black and white version of Lady Vengeance. WHY DO I KEEP GETTING FUCKED WITH THESE MOVIES?

No More Tears, Bitch

Let me tell you why I have a GPS:
I thought I would drive down to WinCo this morning. I asked for directions. I actually understood them. Then, when I was out on the road, on my own.. I missed my turn. I didn't know how to get back to it. I got lost. Stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. More than one person helped me, and I went straight back home. And I felt really stupid for not being able to do something correctly.

I got over it. Like I get over everything else. I've turned into one of those people who just pushes through all the emotions to get to whatever it is that's normal. I guess.

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All in all. I had a pretty hard day.
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Was I Programmed To Find Black Women Sexy?


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I hope it's obvious that I haven't moved yet. We put in an application at this place that had a move-in special. They had 8 apts open! But the manager is never there. We went in there a few times because they kept telling us to come back later.
"Come back at 2:30" We go eat.
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Essay Like Questions, Only Paragraphs

1. Would you switch to another Operating System (MAC, Linux, etc) or would you stick with Windows? Why or why not? Why don't you like about other operating systems?
I've stuck with Windows for this long, I don't see why I'd change. I was practically born a Windows user. I have contemplated switching, and there were times where I thought, I could use some kind of Linux OS. Those ones on the netbooks are pretty nifty looking - but after awhile it would get old having a program for every operation.
Linux Ubuntu wouldn't be bad for me, I don't think. It's a tad mac-like, though. I'm mostly just against MAC and Apple. Every time I ever used one it just seemed like a pain in the ass and I still can not see why they generate so much popularity all of a sudden.

Cool, you can do HD stuff on them. I'm not fuckin sold.

2. What's the most fucked up, but tasty, thing of your own creation you have eaten?
This is easy. I used to take, a can of ravioli, put it in a bowl, heat it up, add chicken strips, then put cooked ramen noodles on top of that, and then salad on top of that.
And it was so good.. back then. I doubt I could stomach it now.

3. Tell me your zombie escape plan in detail. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE MAKE ONE UP NOW.
Let's see.. could go to the mall - they have food available. Could also go to a pub.
(was this question to see how many zombie references I could make, or what?)
No really, uh, I'd probably find a gun - then I'd thank god Left 4 Dead was now a real thing. If I couldn't get a gun, then of course, go after a blunt object! Always aim for the head.
I don't think I'd escape them, as much as I would try to fight them. Jesus, all the movies and games... who doesn't want to pick off zombies in real life? or you know, just become one?

4. (question rephrased for the good of the readers)Is electrocoustic a small dog?
Could be. It would explain some things. Like all the barking.

5. Who/what band is the sole embodiment of everything musically that pisses you off, and what are those things?
Nickelback. No band has had the staying power of suckage as much as these guys do. They even got boo'd off a stage by their own fans. There was once a website that played two Nickelback songs together, from different albums that had the same exact music that would sync up with different lyrics. And they don't even know how much they suck. They just keep pumping out this same garbage over and over...
so why are they getting paid for being uncreative? That's what I hate about the entire entertainment industry. STOP PAYING THESE PEOPLE FOR DOING REMAKES. STOP PAYING THESE BANDS FOR DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. STOP IT.

that's how I feel.
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Lists And Small Notes

I'm happy with my layout now. That's it, I think.
Oh & I like the new Billy Talent. I'm surprised and thankful that they're still around.

I have stuff to buy (this might be gross; I don't suggest reading further. But go ahead.)

I'm gonna buy a menstrual cup. I'm tired of paying over and over for things that I'm gonna throw away. It's wasteful and annoying. I'm not going green. I'm just getting cheap.

like a jew.

Triple A batteries. I bought one of those hair trimmer things for five fucking dollars and it didn't have a battery. THEY COULDN'T EVEN INCLUDE SOME SHITTY BATTERY SO I COULD TRY OUT THE PRODUCT?!
(A+ if you thought it was for a vibrator)

CHOCOLATE ORANGES!! I saw they have them at winco - and in all kinds of flavors. Flavors I haven't even seen before! I was so excited when I saw these new ones, but I didn't have money at the time. I am going to get one, probably raspberry.

Macho tacos at Del Taco. I just discovered them, after finally tiring of the del beef burrito. They're so amazing, though, and I have never liked sour cream on anything before.

This thing. Unfortunately, it's on ebay and the bid is up to like 40 some dollars. BUT GOD DAMMIT I WANT ONE.

This guy's pikachu. Seriously. How do I find that exact one?

And I need a big puffy sweater. Can't find a good one, though. They're never puffy enough.
Well, I found some that were.. but they were short sleeved. What the fuck am I wearing a sweater for if it doesn't have sleeves?!

Probably some other things... I have a few projects lined up. Took some pictures, have some ideas. The usual. I've stayed up all night, and I still need to wash my hair.

I Suck All Over Tonight.

I'm officially using my zune. It's like I had to. Being poor pushed me into a corner of having to use the resources I already have instead of buying new things. It's not even really my zune; it's the one that Rich gave me because he bought a newer one. Which is now obsolete with mine because of their newer version that only has ONE button.

The one button thing is really stupid btw. I miss the old days where you had a button for everything and you didn't have to run your greasy fingers over everything and then put the screen that you constantly touch next to your greasy face to talk to someone.
But that's not really important.

I have this amazing acid reflux tonight. At this point I'd rather just puke my food up and be hungry for the rest of the night.
Just to clear the record - I don't puke that often. Sure wish I did, though. It'd be great to just have on hand. Maybe I should teach myself to puke on command just in case.
Or I could just stop eating bad food. Vomiting just sounds more fun, sorry.

And god forbid your fat and stumble upon my journal.

I changed my layout recently. Yesterday, I think. Then I added a header and... I hate that I probably enjoyed this thing for all of five minutes after I finally got done with the stupid thing. So I want to change it again. And I kind of hate being the person who changes their layout every five minutes. I don't enjoy it that much. But god damn. I don't know what I saw in this thing.

It's like all of a sudden I decided to date a wrestler thinking it would be cool and after going to one of his gigs, I'm just sitting there trying to figure out just what the fuck I was thinking when I did that.
Where'd this shit come from?!

Lastly, I have an idea. For all my lovely online friends. Who may or may not react to this well.
I always get these messages from you people, begging me to come to chat. But like the secret said - chat is ded. AND I KNOW, I KNOW - this is a very sensitive subject, but c'mon. I'm in there right now. I go in there sometimes, at various times during the day. NO ONE IS THERE ANYMORE. IT SUCKS. You have to admit that it sucks.

But if you want to chat me up... I'm lintelsoups on AIM. (like you couldn't guess what my name would be there, really.) Unless of course you don't want to chat that badly. But if you didn't want to say something why even ask?!
I'll still go to chat. I know not everyone reads this. But I can tell those people there too!
And I've found, that online I'm a pretty outgoing individual. There was this one time someone recommended me this girl to talk to... and I swear to jesus's unborn fetus, I wanted to stab my eyes out from her boring conversation.

...why am I trying to sell people into talking to me online? (feel free to answer this rhetorical question)

-I just trolled some people out of no where. I can't help it sometimes.

Halloween Into November 1st.

Me on Halloween night - lots of people were dressed up like animals. I saw a few other cat girls besides me, and waaay too many bunnies.

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While I was in the Walmart parking lot last night, I watched Tenebrae. God damn that is a good movie. Waaay better than Evil Dead Trap. I so need to watch more Argento stuff. He's like my new favorite & he seems rather fucked up in his personal life as well. But to make really good gritty fucked up movies like that, you have to be kind of screwy yourself.
Evil Dead Trap was some late 80's Japanese horror movie... and honestly - I'm starting to think that Asian horror? Not as good as the French and Italian stuff. Asians seem to be better at like arthouse and comedy, really. I've come across a few good ones, but the other countries are way better at be edgier and even more gross, at least for me.

And stop stabbing eyeballs. That's just weird. I want more movies like Oldboy from the Asians. In fact, I think I really need to watch I'm a Cyborg But That's OK. Asians are fucking great at being weird and out there, which is what makes their comedies and dramas far more interesting than the American ones.
As for the French and Italian cinema - they've been hitting it up hard since the 70's with cutting edge stuff. Argento did the slow moving bullet before the douches who did the Matrix; and it's sad that people who watch movies think that's cutting edge technology. You obviously haven't done your research if you thought that was the first time they ever did that kind of camera work.

Real life stuff: Rich said he was going to be working from 9 AM to 1 PM today and then he came home at like 6 PM. So I was kind of worried for awhile, and then just plain upset because you know, WHAT THE FUCK. It's over now, and he's alive, so I guess that's good. He took the trash out for me, to make up for it.
Believe me, that makes up for it so much.. because the trash here is fucking disgusting.

Mozilla Furry Fox.

I used FireFox for the first time ever. I have a lot of friends who like to hype this browser to me. But for the life of me, I don't know why everyone loves it so much - especially after having used it.

First off, it's ugly. I'm sure there's a plugin to fix that - but you people and your fucking plugins. STOP IT.
And the way it works? Jesus fuck. FUCK THAT. Thing runs in such a complicated manner. Sure it's good for things that for some reason, IE (the browser that can do almost anything*) but it's not worth it to have that thing to do my normal everyday browsing.

*Almost anything. I mean the fact that most webpages? Viewable in IE. Where as there are some that you can't view correctly in stuff like FireFox or whatever other browser people use because for some reason IE gets a bad rap.

And why is that? Because a couple of tards who don't know how to use their computer complain, "Oh IE broke on me." Shut up. Go get a Mac and an epilepsy helmet. You obviously need them.

So FireFox was good for one thing ever in the entire time I've used the internet. But I've never had a problem with IE or with Vista for that matter. Or anything else that got hatred for no real reason other than it was probably your fault.
By the way, the only reason I needed to use it for something was because someone else had used it to make a download that IE was confused by. & Fear not, it's not on my computer, it's on Rich's for testing website capability. Which is the only logical reason I see in having it. To make sure websites show up properly.

I'm sticking with my "firefox is gheeey" opinion. And now I can tell people that I tried it, and it was lame.