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I wish I could be that happy... Oh, to hell with it!

Played Left 4 Dead 2 all night long with Rich! I have to use this tiny ass mouse, too. It's like using a pencil that's too small for your fingers. But at least I can play now. Though, after playing all night, I won't be playing for some time..

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That is some dark fish.

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My icon rehaul is fun, now. Also I'm playing me some Dragon Age - I really like the game now that I've got the hang of it. Too bad the story is all medieval bullshit. I don't know why, but I've never been a fan of that era and I really hate when people try to romanticize it which is all ANYONE does. Do people even know that it wasn't like that at all?

So yeah. I guess I want a more modern tactical game? lol role-playing. (AT LEAST IT IS NOT TURN BASED YOU CASUALS.) All the modern ones suck, though.. far as I know. I think I want to play a game that doesn't have a Mage of some kind. MAN, DO I HATE ME SOME MAGES. Time to go confront the /professionals/ about this.