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I made this weird pasta concoction. Those red things are bacon bits. Yum.

Our car works again! Kind of. In a few months it'll break down again.


Lambchop helping you drive and drive and drive...

Bought it just for the package. Not a big jelly bean fan, but some of them are okay. Most of them are gross, though.

This was in the jewelry machine for some reason. We won it!

Won this too, but it took a few tries.

And here is the reason why I'm tired. We rearranged the ENTIRE room. Fun. I think it looks much better in here now, but Rich doesn't like it. We have way more room, though. And now I can plug more things in & get comfy because I might be here for another three months.

I want to go to fucking bed already!!
Tags: driving, foods, i'm being dumb, photogenics, rich

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