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Catching Up

I've been sick the past couple of days, then I was forced to become busy while I was sick.. so I haven't had much time for things.

Our Japanese snacks came in the mail finally! Wrapped in Japanese newspaper.

Tuna & Mayonnaise Doritos! These were good. But strange.

Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat bars - they were really tiny.

And cola flavored Mentos. Sooo good.

Extremely white Kit Kat bars; only two. And you can see just how tiny they are in my hand.

The Doritos were shaped funny. It does say "Gourmet" on the front, but I don't understand why they make them like that.

Ramen salads - try them. I used to eat these all the time in Florida.

We went out and I bought a few things - shoes and a bag. My bag is awesome. I'll post it later, though. It fits everything in there; both my cameras, my zune, and my laptop!

Stupid bag is making me not want to sell my laptop...

I'm gonna post videos tomorrow.

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