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This Past Week In A Nutshell of Goodness!

Found this on Rich's notepad. I love it so much. I picked up the paper not expecting to see this and I couldn't stop laughing. It still amuses me.

Uggh, such shaky cam. I sorry.

Be forewarned: There's a lot of barking in this.

I'm going to miss my purple hair. Yeah, I dyed it. D: Trying to get a job.

It was so much more funny when she did it in our car. I'll have to take them out again.

We bought a Siamese fat cat from Rite Aid.


I heard about free pancake day at IHOP; the cat came with us. I don't know what it is, but we like to take stuffed animals to IHOPs around the country. lol.

Om nom nom - I accidentally got double pancakes. But hey, they were free.

I don't even know.


He wanted me to take pictures of the cat in the air - but I chose to to video it; the pictures might have been better.
It was really cold outside, though, so we just went home. After going to Walsmart, so Rich could get hair dye. He has red in his hair now!

Kitty goes home. hee.

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