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Unplanned Eating

That bottle is from Mexico. It had spanish all over it.

Goyza - Japanese pot stickers. We did plan on getting asian food from down the street, but I don't think we planned on eating in.

These things are my favorite. Crab meat with cream cheese. Soo good. I don't know why. But I love warm cream cheese. How creepy is that?

Lemon chicken with pineapple. Rich didn't want the pineapple, so I ate it. His chicken was pretty good, too.

I got general chicken - not to be confused with General Tso's chicken. This is just chicken according to the girl at the counter. Really good, still.

Popcorn, that we make on our own, using butter spray and some special popcorn salt stuff. Rich got some new kind that makes it taste more like bagged popcorn. It turns out really yellow, too.

Lastly, my dinner tonight. Homemade bagel pizzas! These turned out really good, but I need better cheese for them. I screwed up and just got yellow cheese. I think they'd be better with the white cheese in there. But they tasted great and just like pizza.

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