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VD. You Caught It.

Ah funyuns. Flamin Hot Funyuns are my new addiction.

We went to Marie Callender's for the first time. It's like this interesting mix of Perkin's and Ruby Tuesday's. All those apostrophes.

Oh and I had that White Zinfandel there. Just one glass with my dinner, not getting wasted or anything - because that tiny glass was 5 dollars.

New jacket. I wanted a purple one, but they didn't fit me. I still got one because I like the zipper.


They have a salad bar. Not as good as Ruby Tuesday's, but it was better than most places. And they had chicken! I love that.

om nom.

They do have the best god damn cornbread I've ever had in my life. Seriously. And it came with this awesome honey butter stuff. I fucking hate cornbread, but man, that stuff was tasty.

We celebrate VD early. (I'm no gonna stop making that joke.)

I look pretty evil for someone about to consume all that food. Okay, not all of it, but most of it. Rich got Fish n' Chips which is so awesome. I almost got it, but I wanted the Turkey Pot Pie. Also really good.

And we had to get dessert because the place specializes in pies. Apple Cheesecake!

Rich's German Chocolate pie.

I got new heels! I don't know what it is, but I LOVE THESE SHOES. They didn't even really hurt my feet. I love them so much that...

I want to get rid of my old ones. I'm not really big on having a ton of shoes - especially since I'm running out of space. For everything.

Does anyone want them? They'd be free other than shipping! I really don't want them anymore. I might even give away my dress too... lol, am I becoming one of those people?

But seriously, five bucks for shipping, that's all I'd ask. They're a size 7. I've only worn them about 3 times max!

From today when I was walking down to the store to get munchies. There's a creek in the middle of town and it's rarely filled with water. Today it was, so I got a picture. It's actually very pretty when it's all full.

And of course. Chocolates. From See's Candy.

Yes, I ate one before the picture. I couldn't help it. Also, I need to cut back on my sugar seriously, now. I'm brushing my teeth and flossing now. Way more than I used to, but I have these really bad cavities cause I suck.

So yeah, these fucking really good chocolates don't help much. They're really good because I got to hand pick each one. So there was no chance of wasting money on those nasty truffles filled with weird stuff I don't like.
Really good idea on their part.

That's all Valentine's is to me. Another eating holiday, ha. Well, I am quite the foodie.

I hope you all are hungry. And that someone wants my old shoes.

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