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Get Ready For The Weird.

I've been dreaming lately. For awhile, I wasn't having dreams because I was sleeping so heavily. I hate that. But they seem to be back.

And this morning; I'm sure it was this morning because dreams are pretty quick. I had a very interesting one.

I went to a wedding where I met someone. I had this amazing skin tight dress on. The front of it was this weird faded blue flower pattern and it was really short. Then part of the back was this yellow fishnet stuff. I think I had heels on, too. Not really something I'd wear, but I remember it looking pretty good. In my dreams I'm always the opposite of who I am in real life, so I'm wearing stuff I'd never wear and have a personality that isn't really a part of me.

There was this gigantic cake and I guess the wedding already happened. It was outside in the middle of the street too, broad day light. Some people were sitting down in these bleacher things and other people were up dancing (I assume there was music somewhere). I actually got up and started dancing as well.

I guess someone caught eye of me - and invited himself to dance with me as well. And it was like one of those things you'd see in a movie. Where people start dancing even though they don't really know the dance itself but somehow everyone's synchronized perfectly. I think I even remarked on how "unreal" it was that we knew the steps perfectly. I think I was aware it was a dream too because of this confidence I was oozing that I'm usually not.

A rather fun dream for my imagination. The other night I had a dream that I beat someone up. Those are the normal dreams I have. Violence and what not. Not sure what was going through my head this morning.
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