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Scale Cat - Bringing the Doom.

I hung out with Tiff today! LAWLS. No, no. I had fun! We didn't go anywhere special, but I met her mom for real this time, instead of just serving her chicken tenders like I used to. I just gotta say, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. She's kinda cool.

Tiff would totally pitch a fit if I told her that, though. Miss I'm super cool.
That'll be her nickname.


I went to go see Iron Man again. (start laughing now.)
Made sure to stick around at the end of the credits this time!

Let me just say this...
It is going to be so exciting to see the next two movies in this series.

OH and having seen it a second time - I made sure to look closely, she does have a Dell, but they are Apple/Macs, and there's a seen with Tony using the computers, where you can directly see the monitor has a the Apple on the back.

Macs could never build sufficient human robots. That's all.

I may or may not have a car.

That thing in his chest totally just reminded me to take my birthcontrol...

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