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Yesterday and today were really freaking awesome. Last night I went to movie night with the kids. We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs AND OMG. I forgot Bill Hader was the lead in that!! HE IS SO FREAKING AWESOME AND THAT MOVIE IS FUCKING BRILLIANT.

yeah it's a kids movie. I am terrible person lol. But I was watching it with kids!

Mady and her hamster. Look at his face.


Mady and Echo got Spongebob's from their uncle. & she is continuing to harass the hamster.

I don't know, though. He looks pretty happy.

Then today Echo came over to use my laptop and generally bug me. (in a good way.)
She likes talking to cleverbot.

There she is in the back of our car because we took her downtown to PARTY. NO SERIOUSLY.

See that hat? Proof of being hardcore.

Look at my awful frizzy hair. I didn't have time to straighten it because I had to get Echo out of the house.

I think this was in Wal Mart. We went everywhere. Best Buy, the mall, Walsmart, and Win Co. I was disappointed, though. I told Echo about the hot guy at the Deli but he wasn't there. I think Rich was looking forward to him as well. (insert gay jokes.)

WinCo Parking lot. We gave her like way too much sugar, but it was great.

BAWLS. This was so great. Rich just asks her, "you ever had a bawls?" and of course she thought he was joking and messing with her, but then we had to show her, that Bawls is in fact real. She loved them too. & proceeded to go home and ask her dad if he had ever tasted balls.

lol. We made all kinds of ball jokes on the ride home.

Echo made up a dance on the way into WinCo called "Milking the Cow".. it was so fucking funny, even Rich was busting up laughing. I can't even explain it. You had to be there. But I'm going to get a video camera soon so I can show everyone "milking the cow" because it's that fucking good.

Rich out of no where bought me this at Claire's cause Echo dragged us in there to look around. We also took her U-Top it where she got frozen yogurt for the first time ever. She never had it before!

Oh & I think the best thing ever is that we were listening to Motion City Soundtrack and Echo liked one of the songs. THAT WAS SO FUCKING COOL MAN - SHE WAS LIKE SINGING ALONG WITH IT, IT WAS AWESOME.

So yeah. I've corrupted some kids.

New default icon is an intense ad for the best energy drink ever.
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