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Friday Off Is Busy.

Outside the mall - this was the only one filled with water. I'm not sure why - it's been raining but the others should have been filled as well. Unless my logic is wrong?

I was dying for spicy food so we went to a Chipotle. Very good stuff. Mine was more tex mex than Rich's. And their hottest sauce wasn't that hot. But it was good enough.

It was very busy everywhere we went too. We don't usually go out on Fridays.

I got my Hello Kitty hat - I have no idea what they're called. Rich says it looks Russian. I've only ever seen Canadians wearing them. I love it, though.

And a new blanket. It's a very soft throw, or however it's spelled.

Not much else happened. Other than Rich being tired and going home to pass out from lack of sleep. I got more wine that I haven't gotten into yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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