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I slept all day. Well, no. I went to bed at like what? 11 this morning? YEAH. Then the rest of the day I was only up for a minutes really. The longest being when we went to go get Chinese food - yum. But I was kind of depressed about my job.

Kind of worried that I might lose my job/have to pay fines. Oh well.

Anyway - I had tried two different kinds of Doritos this morning because the flamin' hot funyuns were out of date at the Circle K. They were both spicy, but one was way hotter than the other. No where good as the flamin' hot funyuns. Nothing is, dammit.

I woke up for a little bit earlier watching Rich play the new Ghostbusters game - lol. It has really cheesey dialog.

Then I woke up just a little while I woke up to find the younger dog sleeping with me! He's still passed out as his master seems to be missing from the house - which is fucking fantastic. I love when that guy is gone. Especially late at night. Means the house is pretty much ours. (yay)

Rich is/was blasting Electric Six on Left 4 Dead 2.
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