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I'm Talking About Things I Can't Talk About.

I have this thing now where I want to feel bad but I can't. I've got a technique that keeps me from feeling bad about almost anything. I can't recommend it though, as it wouldn't work for other people. Plus I'm sure some people would be worried about me all of a sudden which is something I can't have.

I was supposed to clean the entire house today - but I only did like half of the kitchen. I then went to sleep because I was really tired. Then I slept the rest of the day...

Rich cleaned everything else. I have a great boyfriend. I can't wait until Valentine's Day where I can be obligated to tell him how I feel. The Asian in me has no emotion and really dreads this. (lol)

And somewhere in there I had time to talk to Roth & Dannie. Sometimes I amaze myself.

But I didn't get my check today which pissed me off. That always does. I still have stress from not wanting to take that driving test. I almost want to go take it, fail it the first time and then get the excruciating pain in my head over with. I don't know why but that shit just taunts at my brain. It's like having some asshole following me around just constantly telling me how stupid I am.

I know I'm not completely stupid. But fuck, it's too hard to escape it.

I'm kind of looking forward to tonight, though. Rich'll be able to stay up, we're gonna make some shitty food and watch a movie, I think. That's the plan I have.

I like to plan everything I do now. It's weird. What the fuck is wrong with me?
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