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I made my first ever cheesecake! From scratch! And it was covered in raspberry song, that had some kind of zinfandel wine in it. The wine was also raspberry. Mmm. I thought it was pretty tasty for a first time cheesecake. Lots of other people enjoyed eating it as I saw it disappeared fast.
Rich wasn't too fond of it, but it wasn't that bad. He said it was too plain or something.

I got the recipe from food gawkeer; which I can't stop going to now. They must have thousands of recipes for all kinds of food. And they all look tasty. Even if the food would normally be gross, they manage to make it look appetizing. I don't recommend going there if you get hungry easily.

I've been writing for a place called runaway_tales lately. I love it there. I've found some people who write really amazing original stuff. And there's nothing more I love than someone who's doing something original instead of leaching onto something of someone else's.

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

How old are you?
Lilly: Twenty five, I think. I should ask my mother. She knows everything.
Ian: Twenty one.

Lilly: I measured myself with a ruler once. I forgot to write down the answer.
Ian: Six feet above ground.

Any bad habits?
Lilly: Someone told me not to pick my nose in public once. I don't think it's a bad habit. I don't think I have any bad habits. This question is bad.
Ian: Too many. I tend to pride myself in them, though. So they aren't that bad. The word "bad" gets a bad rap, I think. I'm talking in circles here.

Speaking of which, next question... you a virgin?
Lilly: To what?
Ian: Definitely not.

Have any kids? If not, do you want them?
Lilly: I have some in my previous life. I used to be a dog, and I had a litter of puppies!
Ian: No. I wouldn't mind having a minion.

Favourite food?
Lilly: Anything with fruit! I love fruit stuff. Fruit parfaits, fruit salad, fruit punch, fruit straight out of the garden...
Ian: I don't think I really have one. I just eat whatever Lilly makes. She's really good at cooking.

Favourite ice cream flavour?
Lilly: Sorbet. Don't tell me it's not ice cream. It has the same consistency.
Ian: I don't know? The kind that gets you laid?

Killed anyone?
Lilly: No, but I might.
Ian: Came close once. My job requires it, so I'll get to eventually.

Hate anyone?
Lilly: Yes. I hate gate keepers. I myself, am a truther. Oh and the government! I really hate the government.
Ian: A good bit of my family.

Any secrets?
Lilly: No, I'm pretty open. The only secrets I have are the secrets of others.
Ian: Yes, many.

Love anyone?
Lilly: Ian!
Ian: Sure.

Lilly: I know how to make those!
Ian: *refuses to comment*

Ever slept in all day?
Lilly: When I was a kid, I slept a lot. So yeah. But now I'm all caught up on my sleep.
Ian: Sometimes.

Eye Colour/s?
Lilly: Hard to say, hazel maybe? I think they're kind of greyish.
Ian: Light blue, but you could see that, right? You didn't have to ask.

Lilly: I have several! I always wear different ones.
Ian: uh..

What do you do to relax?
Lilly: Listen to shows about conspiracies. Look up stuff on the web and cook. Sometimes I go fishing too. And I garden. I have lots of hobbies!
Ian: None of your business.

Rain, sunshine?
Lilly: I don't care as long as it's not some natural disaster. Stupid weather machines.
Ian: I love when it rains, actually.

Pool, beach?
Lilly: I like the beach. Pools are filled with evil chemicals produced by companies that want you to go out and buy hair dye.
Ian: Pools. I robbed a house once that had the biggest pool I've ever seen. I'd like to have a house like that some day.

Camping, staying home?
Lilly: It's fun to go outdoors, I guess. I don't think I've ever been camping, but I wouldn't mind doing it. I love wild life.
Ian: Staying home.

Dog, Cat?
Lilly: Dogs! but I like cats, too. It's just that, I used to be a dog... so I'm kind of biased.
Ian: Cats. They don't bother me as much. They like to keep to themselves, you know?

Do you believe in aliens?
Lilly: What do you mean believe? I know they are out there. Pfft.
Ian: I'm a little too worried about what she's said now to answer this properly.

Natural born, or clone?
Lilly: I was born, but I know where I could get a clone if I wanted. And it's not where they cloned the sheep. That is just silly.
Ian: Natural born - my mother, etc.

Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Lilly: Rage? I don't have rage.
Ian: Yes, many, many things.

Any unusual things about you?
Lilly: I don't think so.
Ian: Is is unusual to be a criminal? Or to be dating an insane person?
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