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Feed My Fucking Habbit

And god dammit, I have fallen for a sim. That hasn't happened to me in so long. Her name's Lilly and everything she does is extreme.

She also likes to headdesk quite a bit, lol.

A Jim Norton sim? Seriously.

Lilly's husband Ian - who is more sane than she is. (She's actually insane, a nice trait to have)

Insane: babbling to random people you meet about Nessie.

"Lilly is being awkward"
She's highly inappropriate.

For some reason, they both keep trying to befriend their maids.


Okay psycho, stop telling people about how you like to robotrip.

Ian's a big flirt and is constantly cheating on her.

I think she looked over because they were talking about that kind of fish.

So this is why I haven't been updating my legacy, whoops! Plus we're going to go through more computer changes. whatevers.

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