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Getting Domestic

Squishy brownies! They were sooo good. I only had four of them. Within two days - so it wasn't that bad. lol, though.

Got the nerve to make my very own mac & cheese.
Rich and I used:
Large macaroni elbow noodles.
half a jar of Mission cheese sauce (the kind you'd get for nachos; without any seasoning it it!)
Bacon bits
A good bit of cream cheese.
And then regular melted shredded cheese.

Soooo good.

Very thick cheese. But awesome.

And last night we went out to Del Taco where I got a burrito. mmm.

This was apparently my dessert. We stopped at the gas station in town. The talkative guy was there and he always likes to joke around with us. But last night he insisted we take home a ton of free doughnuts.

I can never stop getting free things or discounts. I don't know what it is with me, it's like I have that as a trait or something.

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