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TV Time: Morgan Spurlock Does The Simpsons.. wat?

Let me take a minute to tell you about how stupid I am. (And you almost thought I Bel-Air'd your ass!)
I actually heard early on last week that the Simpsons were going to celebrate their 450th episode by airing a documentary on the show directed by Morgan Spurlock (you know, that guy who ate McDonalds food). And I remember flipping out and being happy and telling myself - I'm gonna watch that.

Then Sunday night came... I somehow managed to forget. I also managed to mindfuck myself into thinking they were new episodes of shows last night and I went to grab them for Rich.. only I couldn't find any.

Good job, lintelsoups.

I don't really know how many people were thrilled to see it. I'm sure there are a lot of TV geeks out there who enjoyed it as much as I did. But for me, it was more about seeing all these amazing people talking about a show like the Simpsons.

Like Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Who apparently rolled out of bed to sit in front of a camera?
Working for a cable company really does take the soul out of you.

I think just about anyone who's majorly obsessed with television knows that Conan used to be a writer on the Simpsons. (go back and watch those episodes.)
Also, lol his dolls behind him.

Sting with a beard. What? No "Michael Jackson was really on the show"? C'mon.

See, this was just me going "I KNOW WHO THAT IS" and being all giddy fangirl. I think he's been on the show... I don't remember. I'm often jealous of the nerds on 4chan's /tv/ board who start Simpson's quote threads. Fuckers.

I still love David Cross.. even if he also has a beard. (STOP THIS FACIAL HAIR MADNESS.)

My post wouldn't be complete without some kind of food, would it? hee. And why isn't that the Homer doughnut? Why does the Homer doughnut have to have his face on it?

Matt Groening, Mike Judge, and Seth MacFarlene.
Or as you know them: The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy.
Sunday night tv on Fox used to be really awesome. But like they said - maybe I've just changed in the past five years. (I think I have, somewhat.)

...Last but not least...


because in real life Milhouse is. LOOK AT THIS FUCKING GUY. HE SHOULD DYE HIS HAIR BLUE.

Okay, I'm done gawking.

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