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Still A Life Outside Of The Internet In 2010

Doesn't he look just like a service worker from the 80's with those sexy rolled up sleeves?

I'm not sure why they're called "chocodiles" - they look nothing like crocodiles. Besides, I've seen chocolate shaped alligators/crocodiles before. Why the name?

It's nothing but a chocolate covered twinkie. I guess that's too long of a name for a snack cake.

XM in Rich's car. Yay! (And I like Jason Ellis. Google if you don't know; used to be a pro skater)

Tiny hat! I don't wear it out often. But it went with my sweater. I don't think people really liked, it. Usually I get comments on such things.

Rich gave me a $5 starbucks card that he got from his boss. So we went to Barnes & Noble to use it.. and were turned away at the counter because apparently: The starbucks that are in the Barnes & Noble are not really Starbucks. They are Barnes & Noble Cafes that serve Starbucks.
So we went to a Starbucks that was right behind the Barnes & Noble. Yes. Right behind it. Not even a street in between them. And this was a real Starbucks. Not one of the fake ones that are hidden in brand name book stores. & they took my card.

And I'm learning more about using my camera on the Manual setting in low lighting.
(Rich being a tard.)

I searched out this place because they had ad's in the newspaper for really great sales where I got Vienetta for only a dollar.

We always play with the carts.

More of Rich's art. His car fogs up completely in this weather.

Chocolate straws!! They're okay. It's not all that chocolate-y, but enough for them to be worth buying.

Yogurt that comes with Reece's Pieces. Very good.

Agonizing close up of said Reese's Pieces.

This was today. Yesterday and Today were good days. I'm always amazed when I actually have good days.

And here is my Vienetta ice cream. Stuff is so good. And it comes in vanilla too! I didn't get the vanilla, because I've been having a bit too much vanilla lately.

Squeakers the cat, we call her. She's been spending a lot of nights with us recently, I don't know why. She's very timid and loves to hide.

She's best friends with the dog, too.

They occasionally come in the room to nuzzle each other. Creepy animals.

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