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Horses Make Me Laugh

I like talking horses. I don't know why, but they make me laugh so fucking hard. They're great. I even liked Mr.Ed.
And when Gilbert Gottfried was the horse on Family Guy. And last night, when Stan switched brains with a horse.

They crack me up.

I'm still trying to figure out the meshing business. It's like, some parts are hard and then other parts are really easy. I really like doing it, too. Mainly because I have figured out how to use some of the parts of Milkshape and it's a lot like being in photoshop. It's an editing program, and I love those things.

But I still have that problem with certain meshes where the wrong parts are getting pulled on. I've tried various things to get them not to - no avail.
Oh well. I am going to keep trying.

Rich has tomorrow off. We'll be out looking at more apartments.
Maybe I will get my fucking check. I sure would like it.

Some headphones came in the mail for Rich, today. I better get mine back.

I should get to writing. & reading.

Tags: i'm being dumb, meshing meshes, rich, tv shows

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