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I made a mesh! One that is almost perfect. (my recoloring skills suck)

It looks alright from a few angles but...

See that? I don't know how to get rid of it!!!!! And it bugs me... so I have to do this again. And then hope it doesn't happen with the next mesh. I even tried to fix it in milkshape.. but nothing seemed to keep it from doing that.

I've actually made quite a few meshes trying to get to this level of cutting things apart and stretching things out. Then fixing UV maps and all that other nerd garbage that I'm doing.
The point is I know what I'm doing now. Now all I have to do is get better at it and keep things from looking odd in some parts.

Also, I kind of hate that mesh. Stupid plated skirts look horrible with any other texture than plaid. I just had to make sure it looked different than before.

But yay! I'm learning things. Very very hard things..

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