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The Coolest Thing I Got.

What sucks is that I got it the day after Christmas. Thank you Caitlin who's name I don't know on livejournal... It was lovely - I opened it and all kinds of christmasy glitter came flying out. Plus there's oolong tea! (that I haven't had yet but I will, I swear!)
Now I have to send something back because I said I would. I should send Dani something too. I'll never forget when she sent me that card with the penguin.


...speaking of Christmas. Rich and I got gifts from his family for when we move. As soon as I opened mine I made a joke about how someone wanted my ass in the kitchen to cook up a stew.
Because I got nothing cookware. Pots, pans, oven mitts and some brandy tumblers - which I assume are for Rich so that he can dress like the dad from Moral Orel, have a cigar in his mouth with a red robe and hang out in his "study".
Then I can enjoy cleaning things. Even though I already do.

(Sarcasm is so much funnier in text.)

Then we went to the movies because there was really nothing else to do on Christmas day. Saw Sherlock Holmes. Rich hated it and I liked it, as expected. I'm never really wrong about my impulses on films. I pretty much know what Rich likes too. And I think I got him to change his mind about seeing the Lovely Bones! Which I can not wait to see and I'm sad it got pushed back to January because I'll probably be really busy next month. But I am still going to make sure I see it. I've been waiting on it for quite some time now.

So the day after Christmas we went out to get things we actually like. I got a new XM which is most important since I dropped 80 dollars on it including a warranty from the store this time. NOT MAKING THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. And I got a shirt and some leg warmers!
Oh and a book. That Rich bugged me about. God dammit.

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