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Best Christmas Eve Ever!

Today I decided to go to Redding all by myself! And in order to get there, I had to ride the bus. Pretty stupid - but I've never had to ride buses to places by myself before. So there was a lot of me asking where to go and looking like a general idiot.

But I didn't get lost! That I am proud of, lol. And grateful, because wow, I would not want to be stranded in Redding all night.

I wanted to get another XM at Best Buy - but they were all sold out of the cheap ones. I might have to get one online. Then wait for weeks for it to show up. Bummer.

I did get that nifty sweater, though. That made up for things. I wanted it for a while - but it was alway so pricey. Yay christmas sales.

Ended up waiting for like an HOUR at the damn bus transfer... I wish I had known I would have been there so long because I went to Carl's Jr and raced out thinking I might miss my bus. BUT NO. Sucks too - the guy at Carl's Jr was awesome. I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST CHAT PEOPLE UP NOW. He liked my hair. And my choice in burger. (wat)

Bus finally came after the other bus showed up which wasn't going to Shasta. Get on the bus - they drop some people off.. and I'm the last one left. I hear the bus driver on the radio say she's drowsy and needs to stop.
Then she kindly informs me after she stops at a market next to a bus stop that she "isn't feeling too well". She gets on the radio more to discuss this whole changing drivers business while in the back going "okay.. wtf is going to happen?"
She ends up driving down to a fire station that's on the other side of town from where I live. It's already dark so I can't walk home. Had to wait until they sent a van for her to change drivers.
I got home, though!

Funny how I decide to go out on my own for once and shit starts going down.

And dear fucking jesus people were happy today. I've never seen so many happy people. I went to the grocery store this morning and all the clerks were singing as they worked. And then there was some woman on one of my bus routes that was singing. People were all chatty, too. Maybe it wasn't just me. But I do think I'm getting better at talking to people - for whatever reason.

I thought I wasn't going to make it home before Rich but he's late from work now. Cool.
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