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My Lips Are Chapped & Puffy

I finally went to this new place in Redding called Yak's. Lucky me - it was happy hour! Not so lucky for me, and Rich - it's a place that's filled with yuppie trash.
Whatever. Drinks were half off.

And omg, they have some great food. This sandwich was amazing. And messy. But worth it.

Silly idea on my part.

Not bad, though.

Rich's wonderful artwork on the fridge.

Fuck yeah, I got Hello Kitty slippers! The only downside is that the dog (Butch) thinks they're toys and sometimes he chases my feet.

Went out one day.. lookin around for places to live that aren't here and got some funyuns. Flamin' hot funyuns. They're really good but really spicy and I believe they may have burnt my stomach.

And yeah - we're looking for places now. Like really looking. Now we might even be moving to Redding instead of Anderson. We also might be renting a house instead of an apartment.

A little before & after. I have purple hair again! I don't know why, but I really enjoy this purple stuff. I kind of liked having my hair almost platinum, though. After taking the washed out pink, it got really blonde.
Someone remind me to just keep using manic panic and not even pay attention to any other brands, please? That flash lightning did wonders on my hair.

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