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Om Nom Stupidness

I've got a rather upset stomach today. I went to bed at like 6 pm last night. Altogether, I suck.

I forgot to use this when I first got it from WinCo - but I used it recently. Comes in very handy.

Taken at the beginning of November - there's early Christmas.

Fancy ice cream sandwiches. Sooo good, they only have these at the Walmart in Anderson.

CHOCOLATE ORANGES!! This one had almonds in it. The best one as far as I'm concerned... well next to the actual orange flavored. I've had the raspberry one which is great, and then the mint one.. eh, you know mint chocolate. Not the best thing invented.

Lookin white.
New knit things - a sweater that's actually purple.. but my camera insists it's blue.
And then the hat. Which is that red.
Oh and my hair. It's been blond for a few weeks now, I think. What a nightmare. I'll put an end to that soon.

Rich made mini pies. They were oreo flavored.

Rich's Bawls bottle filled with jelly beans. God, they did not last long. I don't even like jelly beans that much, but I couldn't help but eat some.

I found out my yellow and black shirt glows in the dark. Or at least, under a black light. (sorry for the boobs)

More importantly: Rich just told me that his mom is trying to bum money from him again because she has a $500 power bill coming up that she probably won't be able to pay. We're trying to move out so... yeah, we're probably not going to pay it.
Just head's up. Before or after Thanksgiving, I'll be without power.

I'll try to say good-bye before then, hah.
Life was going pretty well, I thought. There goes that.
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