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3 Soups? Why not.

Iron Man gets 3 soups from me... because I'm a soup. Get it?

I was really only disappointed by the Man look-a-like interface that pops up occaisionally in the movie.

Really? Mac's build robots and pacemakers now? I bet if they did, everyone would get one.

I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.
No on Gweneth Paltrow with red hair, though. She looks weird like that.

And yeah - I missed the ending. There's some thing after the credits.. which I had to read about on wiki *is bummed out*

I may go see it again due to ticket fuck ups. Also, I was with a large amount of my family who had to wake up early the next day. I really did like the movie - which is weird, because of hatred towards so many mainstream things.

But, be warned it is like most other superhero movies. Something funny happens & then they get blown up for it. Okay.. maybe there aren't as many explosions in other films... but you know what I mean. At least it sets up for a few things.. unlike Spiderman.

On another note - Bob Odenkirk is back with the Simpsons? Sweet.

Trailers: I can say that I don't want to see anymore Adam Sandler or Mike Myers films ever again. Geez. The Middle East is the new hot topic of comedy, I suppose. The new Hulk looks good - Edward Norton and Tim Roth = pwnage.
And Indiana Jones... I'm gonna end up seeing whether I want to or not. Really.
& I got a glimpse of more Speed Racer than I ever want to see again. *FAIL*

Here's to more hope that the car will be fixed by Tuesday... so I won't have to pay late fees for things I don't even want to keep.

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