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I'm not sorry if I bog down your friends page :3

We were almost without internet for the week but luckily the bill got paid BY US, even though, we're not the only ones using the phone and internet. We never use the phone, actually. So you know, getting screwed as usual.

First off, Asian vampires. Secondly - the last part of the movie is kind of like a metaphor for drug use. And even though it was a rather serious movie, there were a lot of humorous parts that I loved. It was pretty out there, too. That said, I really want to see more Park Chan-Wook films.
It's really hard for me to like Vampire movies. The last one I really even cared about was the one that John Carpenter did with James Woods - mostly because it's pretty laughable. Let The Right One In was okay but... I think it rubbed me the wrong way or something? I just have a severe hatred for vampires.

The only creature feature stuff I can have affection for is zombie stuff, and sometimes werewolves. Or Werecats. inb4 Werebears.

We were really worried that we wouldn't have internet for awhile - so we desperately checked the mail aaaand... Our antena came! Along with HD tv usb plug in's and other goodies. So I can watch TV now and record stuff.
My sleeping schedule is all fucked up; that's all I have for now.
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