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Essay Like Questions, Only Paragraphs

1. Would you switch to another Operating System (MAC, Linux, etc) or would you stick with Windows? Why or why not? Why don't you like about other operating systems?
I've stuck with Windows for this long, I don't see why I'd change. I was practically born a Windows user. I have contemplated switching, and there were times where I thought, I could use some kind of Linux OS. Those ones on the netbooks are pretty nifty looking - but after awhile it would get old having a program for every operation.
Linux Ubuntu wouldn't be bad for me, I don't think. It's a tad mac-like, though. I'm mostly just against MAC and Apple. Every time I ever used one it just seemed like a pain in the ass and I still can not see why they generate so much popularity all of a sudden.

Cool, you can do HD stuff on them. I'm not fuckin sold.

2. What's the most fucked up, but tasty, thing of your own creation you have eaten?
This is easy. I used to take, a can of ravioli, put it in a bowl, heat it up, add chicken strips, then put cooked ramen noodles on top of that, and then salad on top of that.
And it was so good.. back then. I doubt I could stomach it now.

3. Tell me your zombie escape plan in detail. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE MAKE ONE UP NOW.
Let's see.. could go to the mall - they have food available. Could also go to a pub.
(was this question to see how many zombie references I could make, or what?)
No really, uh, I'd probably find a gun - then I'd thank god Left 4 Dead was now a real thing. If I couldn't get a gun, then of course, go after a blunt object! Always aim for the head.
I don't think I'd escape them, as much as I would try to fight them. Jesus, all the movies and games... who doesn't want to pick off zombies in real life? or you know, just become one?

4. (question rephrased for the good of the readers)Is electrocoustic a small dog?
Could be. It would explain some things. Like all the barking.

5. Who/what band is the sole embodiment of everything musically that pisses you off, and what are those things?
Nickelback. No band has had the staying power of suckage as much as these guys do. They even got boo'd off a stage by their own fans. There was once a website that played two Nickelback songs together, from different albums that had the same exact music that would sync up with different lyrics. And they don't even know how much they suck. They just keep pumping out this same garbage over and over...
so why are they getting paid for being uncreative? That's what I hate about the entire entertainment industry. STOP PAYING THESE PEOPLE FOR DOING REMAKES. STOP PAYING THESE BANDS FOR DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. STOP IT.

that's how I feel.
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