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Sunday Night TV

For Patrick Swayze...

really? Do they just put this shit together last minute or something? Trying to compete with South Park even more now?

At first, I thought - they're just being lazy again with inserts from things. But then this happened. Not bad, not bad.
In fact, anything is better than Conway Twitty. Jesus fuck. Just do an entire episode of a chicken fight - no more random country music.

I wrote a book.
What's that?

That was fucking great. Especially because she was texting the ENTIRE time.
I'd say the whole episode was funny, except for that first part that was pretty much "wat". & why try to be culturally relevant when you can just pull things from the past and say "LOOK AT THIS?! REMEMBER THIS?!!"

American Dad's main story - alright. Didn't love it, but it made me laugh.
Klaus with the hair, though.. holy shit. Why'd I laugh so much at this?

To top it off - he gets his hair done, it doesn't come out right... and he's forced to wear a tiny Ladybug clip.
GOD DAMMIT WHY IS THIS FUNNY TO ME?? All I can think is that it looks so goofy.. and lulzy.

Yes, I'm going to torture you with some Desperate Housewives stuff. Mostly because whoever it is that plays Julie is getting really fucking hot. She wasn't that young when she started the show bug WOW. How'd she turn into that?

She looks like a fat Lindsay Lohan and I love it. I have a weird thing for chubby girls. I also flipped my shit over chunky Liv Tyler in the Incredible Hulk. (but that's different, she was ugly when she was skinny.) Oh & I've always loved Jennifer Tilly.

Best ending to an episode ever. Here's why:

Fuckin owned. I don't know if the gif holds up to how fast she hit him on the show. The fact that she smiled right before she hits him was fantastic, too. I had no idea it was coming.

That's all for now and expect more gifs from me in the future.
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