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Lists And Small Notes

I'm happy with my layout now. That's it, I think.
Oh & I like the new Billy Talent. I'm surprised and thankful that they're still around.

I have stuff to buy (this might be gross; I don't suggest reading further. But go ahead.)

I'm gonna buy a menstrual cup. I'm tired of paying over and over for things that I'm gonna throw away. It's wasteful and annoying. I'm not going green. I'm just getting cheap.

like a jew.

Triple A batteries. I bought one of those hair trimmer things for five fucking dollars and it didn't have a battery. THEY COULDN'T EVEN INCLUDE SOME SHITTY BATTERY SO I COULD TRY OUT THE PRODUCT?!
(A+ if you thought it was for a vibrator)

CHOCOLATE ORANGES!! I saw they have them at winco - and in all kinds of flavors. Flavors I haven't even seen before! I was so excited when I saw these new ones, but I didn't have money at the time. I am going to get one, probably raspberry.

Macho tacos at Del Taco. I just discovered them, after finally tiring of the del beef burrito. They're so amazing, though, and I have never liked sour cream on anything before.

This thing. Unfortunately, it's on ebay and the bid is up to like 40 some dollars. BUT GOD DAMMIT I WANT ONE.

This guy's pikachu. Seriously. How do I find that exact one?

And I need a big puffy sweater. Can't find a good one, though. They're never puffy enough.
Well, I found some that were.. but they were short sleeved. What the fuck am I wearing a sweater for if it doesn't have sleeves?!

Probably some other things... I have a few projects lined up. Took some pictures, have some ideas. The usual. I've stayed up all night, and I still need to wash my hair.
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