lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

I Suck All Over Tonight.

I'm officially using my zune. It's like I had to. Being poor pushed me into a corner of having to use the resources I already have instead of buying new things. It's not even really my zune; it's the one that Rich gave me because he bought a newer one. Which is now obsolete with mine because of their newer version that only has ONE button.

The one button thing is really stupid btw. I miss the old days where you had a button for everything and you didn't have to run your greasy fingers over everything and then put the screen that you constantly touch next to your greasy face to talk to someone.
But that's not really important.

I have this amazing acid reflux tonight. At this point I'd rather just puke my food up and be hungry for the rest of the night.
Just to clear the record - I don't puke that often. Sure wish I did, though. It'd be great to just have on hand. Maybe I should teach myself to puke on command just in case.
Or I could just stop eating bad food. Vomiting just sounds more fun, sorry.

And god forbid your fat and stumble upon my journal.

I changed my layout recently. Yesterday, I think. Then I added a header and... I hate that I probably enjoyed this thing for all of five minutes after I finally got done with the stupid thing. So I want to change it again. And I kind of hate being the person who changes their layout every five minutes. I don't enjoy it that much. But god damn. I don't know what I saw in this thing.

It's like all of a sudden I decided to date a wrestler thinking it would be cool and after going to one of his gigs, I'm just sitting there trying to figure out just what the fuck I was thinking when I did that.
Where'd this shit come from?!

Lastly, I have an idea. For all my lovely online friends. Who may or may not react to this well.
I always get these messages from you people, begging me to come to chat. But like the secret said - chat is ded. AND I KNOW, I KNOW - this is a very sensitive subject, but c'mon. I'm in there right now. I go in there sometimes, at various times during the day. NO ONE IS THERE ANYMORE. IT SUCKS. You have to admit that it sucks.

But if you want to chat me up... I'm lintelsoups on AIM. (like you couldn't guess what my name would be there, really.) Unless of course you don't want to chat that badly. But if you didn't want to say something why even ask?!
I'll still go to chat. I know not everyone reads this. But I can tell those people there too!
And I've found, that online I'm a pretty outgoing individual. There was this one time someone recommended me this girl to talk to... and I swear to jesus's unborn fetus, I wanted to stab my eyes out from her boring conversation.

...why am I trying to sell people into talking to me online? (feel free to answer this rhetorical question)

-I just trolled some people out of no where. I can't help it sometimes.
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