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Halloween Into November 1st.

Me on Halloween night - lots of people were dressed up like animals. I saw a few other cat girls besides me, and waaay too many bunnies.

We went to Cool Hand Luke's Steakhouse. Fancy. Our waitress was a witch with pink hair.

This was my drink which was sooo good. Strawberry lemonade with real strawberries! In a Mason Jar. I kept trying to explain to Rich what a Mason jar is.. and he swore he didn't know what it was. But he recognized them on sight. Then said he never heard them called that before.

Beans. ewww. But they came in a cute little pot.

I think this is the first time I've ever asked for Italian dressing at a restaurant. I'm so sick of Ranch, now.

Chicken fried steak - that I couldn't finish. haha.

Rich got some sort of Rib sandwich dip. It was tasty.

Then after dinner we went to a few places - Barnes & Noble where I got Jim Norton's last book. I like it so far; he gives people a good verbal beating the rightly deserve.
Except the Starbuck's employee's thing. I don't like the idea of calling them baristas, either, but he said he tips them? Who the fuck does that?

Anyway - we got candy at WinCo.

Obligatory picture of Richie. At a gas station. Because his car eats gas like a fat person on a McRib.

So yeah - for November I got a hat! I used to have one similar to this in FL, but it was black and had pinstripes.. a little too Michael Jackson for me. I actually really like MJ - but not so much his style.
Especially now that he's dead and all. In that case, I might be more into his style of bones and rotting away 6 feet under and all.

We trolled around the Shasta outlets in Anderson for HOURS. I love that place. They have so many great clothing stores, and there are about two of them that I go to regularly because they have amazing color choices aaaand I cat get pants for like 9 dollars.
And pants that actually fit me, which I can never find at the mall. Well, I can, but for some reason the charge so much more over there. All the more reason for me to live in Anderson.

More of my hat. Kinda matches my hair.. but not for long. (I'm dying it again tonight.)

Rich had to go to work last night for four hours, so we were walking around the parking lot and spotted this billboard. Sometimes I think Rich has better eyesight than I do because he saw that it said "poop" from about a mile away.
What an awesome billboard btw. Jesus. POOP. With a dog shitting.

You stay classy, Shasta County.

And to end with a nice full moon over here. Looked like a full moon, anyway. Probably why I have been so batshit lately.

While I was in the Walmart parking lot last night, I watched Tenebrae. God damn that is a good movie. Waaay better than Evil Dead Trap. I so need to watch more Argento stuff. He's like my new favorite & he seems rather fucked up in his personal life as well. But to make really good gritty fucked up movies like that, you have to be kind of screwy yourself.
Evil Dead Trap was some late 80's Japanese horror movie... and honestly - I'm starting to think that Asian horror? Not as good as the French and Italian stuff. Asians seem to be better at like arthouse and comedy, really. I've come across a few good ones, but the other countries are way better at be edgier and even more gross, at least for me.

And stop stabbing eyeballs. That's just weird. I want more movies like Oldboy from the Asians. In fact, I think I really need to watch I'm a Cyborg But That's OK. Asians are fucking great at being weird and out there, which is what makes their comedies and dramas far more interesting than the American ones.
As for the French and Italian cinema - they've been hitting it up hard since the 70's with cutting edge stuff. Argento did the slow moving bullet before the douches who did the Matrix; and it's sad that people who watch movies think that's cutting edge technology. You obviously haven't done your research if you thought that was the first time they ever did that kind of camera work.

Real life stuff: Rich said he was going to be working from 9 AM to 1 PM today and then he came home at like 6 PM. So I was kind of worried for awhile, and then just plain upset because you know, WHAT THE FUCK. It's over now, and he's alive, so I guess that's good. He took the trash out for me, to make up for it.
Believe me, that makes up for it so much.. because the trash here is fucking disgusting.
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