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Last Night Halloween Efforts

I had a lot of fun last night - Halloween and all. I didn't realize people around the Redding area were just going to be walking around dressed up. That was pretty cool, actually. But man - there were a ton of women and young girls in the skankiest costumes ever.
& I shouldn't talk because I was dressed pretty whorish myself. Rich said I looked like a high class skank.

We went to the mall & then to Cool Hand Luke's steak house. And we went to Wal-Marts and WinCo's where we got candy and stuff.
So much fucking candy.

And since Daylight Savings ended, Rich and I got to sit around and listen to my XM radio fuck up. At one point they played three songs at once. Adding an hour shouldn't be so fucking hard, you know? But apparently it's fairly difficult for them.

Sometimes I have dreams about going back to Florida. I had one last night, and me, Rich and some friends were trying to explain to my dad that we were just visiting. I have no idea who my friends were in the dream - they were two girls who I've never seen before in my life.
Anyway, my dad got one of his friends to try to kill me. She ended up stabbing one of my friends through a door and everyone that was with me, was in the room freaking out.
The rest of the dream was me yelling at this woman and my dad about how we were just visiting. Then he tried to stop us from getting back to California.


I will have pictures of stuff later, because I'm going to out again today since Rich only works 4 hours at night - yay. I haven't been to work with him in so long.
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