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Mashed Potatoe'd Cats & Pogs.

My first ever attempt at making Mashed Potatoes. Yumm. They were lumpy and plain, but still good.

Hee, I was eating these while I was taking the pictures. These were much creamier and had more in them. Like bacon bits, cream cheese, and butter. Sooo good. Much better than last time.

So I think I prefected that.

Rich and the dog on the internet - hahah. (they're on 4chan AHHHHH!!)

We like to tell the kids next door that I'm 25% cat. It's true. But really, I just have this picture to show off my gay furriness and my fancy kitty ears. They're really soft!

I fall asleep in chat a lot. Because of this flirts told Rich to draw on my face.. which I woke up during and smudged his wonderful penis on my cheek there.

Thumbs on red! He follows me around outside.. that makes it hard to cross the street. Silly cat.
Tags: catspecific, doggles, foods, i'm being dumb, photogenics

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