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Poggle Party!!

I'm laying between two dogs right now. I woke up and went to the bathroom - and Rosco took my spot with the pillow. Now he's all breathing heavy next to me. I'm kind of amazed he's not snoring like he normally does.
Butch is on the other side of me; he's a young healthy dog who isn't snoring and didn't wake up when I moved. Unlike Rosco who was really fucking eager to have my spot.

When I was living in Florida - one of my favorite channels on XM was Cinemagic. All they play is movie soundtracks and I love it. Well, I thought that during the merger they got rid of the channel because when I got XM recently, I didn't find it. Then - they send me some thing in the mail, saying the channel had been moved.
So all night I was listening to it. And because it's October they're doing all horror movies. yaaay. I am so lame but I enjoyed it and it helped me sleep I think. That or I really was tired. I'm still kind of tired.

And lastly - I might go trickortreating with the kids next door. They want me to go with them & apparently they go to the rich neighborhoods where people give out big ass candy bars. inb4 I am a creeper.
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