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Mostly Food; Don't Get Hungry Or Anything.

Look I'm chewing bubble gum. I never do that.

HAHAHAH - you know I'm glad I got this picture.

We went to some place called Jade Garden - Japanese restaurant, I think? I was offered this amazing pineapple drink... that had something called "pearls" in it. I don't know what they were, but they had like no taste to them.

These however, were really good. Filled with cream cheese and other stuff. Good stuff.

This was my main dish - which was huge. I was not expecting that much food because it was only like 8 dollars. I got full really fast too.

And here is what Rich had. We were both kind of surprised by the amount of food we were getting. I want to go back there at night, though. Place had an amazing bar. And amazing drinks apparently.

God. That was a lot of food. It kind of hurt my stomach too - so, I didn't eat my leftovers. I was afraid too.

OH MY GOD THIS THING. Sticky bun with nuts from Safeway. God damn it was good. I wouldn't have gotten it, but there was an hour and half wait at the doctors - so I was told to go to lunch. lol. My nurse was really nice.

Aaand I got things to make rainbow cake!

I suck at icing.

The icing melted in because it was fresh out of the oven. Tasted sooo good, too. But I like white cake.

I got rainbow ice cream to go with it. hee

And now I'm abusing my food coloring by putting it in Rich's pudding.

This was actually cheesecake, and he put bananas in it - still good.

And now this is what I'm eating on a daily basis because I gotta cut back on the shitty food. I talked with my doctor about my health obviously. I did just go to the hospital the other day. No more ravioli and sticky buns, lol. But this salad is good. And now I'm working on eating broccoli and other greens.

While I was talking to her, I was actually considering becoming a vegetarian. Only for the sake of my health, though. So I'd still eat meat from time to time. I'm really not all about saving cows or whatever. But I am about saving my heart from exploding or having some kind of crazy stomach ulcer.
I just need to eat more veggies than other stuff. And way less sweet food. Would be better for my teeth if nothing else. Pasta is going to be hard to get rid of. I'll get around it somehow.

Enough food for now.
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