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What The Hell Did I Watch Last Night?

Obligatory right? I was just kind of mad that they made the joke about seeing Lois, and didn't have the balls to also show her.

This part was pretty much full blown Nightmare Fuel.

This part was the best, though. The animation was amazing first off. Looks just like oldschool Disney - as far as eyes and characteristics go. Plus they were throwing in references to various disney things left and right...

LOIS DISNEY PRINCESS. (She doesn't look bad)

See that pie she has? They sing about it. (Well it is Disney.)

I'm just obsessed with her character design, really.

Yeah, we get it, Robot Chicken. (I'm tired of this) But Stewie looks like a lot like Moral Orel. Does anyone else see it? I swear he does...

I don't know why, but Rich laughed really hard at this. Because JFK didn't get shot in this particular universe, Mayor Cheeseburger did. And then she eats him. But couldn't she eat him while he was alive? Would it hurt him??

For some reason, whenever they do this, all I can think of is [adult swim] - which I don't have again. :(

I only like this because of the self mocking.

And be prepared for what you are about to see... especially if you're not a furry and anthro drawings creep you out because...




Furry Family Guy. That's all that needs to be said. This is like a furry's wet dream, btw. Being animal like and owning humans.

All in all? Better first episode than last season. I wasn't the biggest fan of last season though. There were like two episodes I was really into - other than that, meh.

American Dad; I didn't think it would be as trippy. Of course I was wrong, why else would I mention it?





I have no words and I don't know what that creature was he was next to. wat wat.

Not bad stuff. I was kind of thrown by it, but whatev. They're going all out now, I guess.
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