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National Rage Week

Well bad news. I don't have that much to rage about this week. Couldn't be worse timing.

If you don't know what National Rage Week is: It's a week created by electrocoustic for journal users, or anyone who has a writing utensil to rage for an entire week straight in late September.

Normally I'm a good participant. This year I stink on ice because it's been going pretty good for me as of late. Amazing right? I'm wondering what I did to deserve such nice things. Although, I must say, I can see these good things coming to an end. Or more like a fiery car wreck.

First on my agenda: FOOD. You guys know how much I love food. A couple weeks ago I believe, Rich brought home a candle. No ordinary candle, but a candle from Cinnabon. In fact, a Caramel Pecan Cinnabon candle that smells just like the food and according to Rich, tastes like it as well. (He eats candle wax, I don't know how to stop it.)

I went online to see if maybe they had a bakery that ships out products.. not even on Amazon. (Which is a place I would love to order food from someday.) And there is no Cinnabon in the Redding area.. in fact, the closest store is somewhere in Sacramento. I can not drive to Sacremento just to get a god damn cinnabon. AND I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO.
What really sucks is seeing the picture of the delicious pecan caramel bun on the damn candle. Smelling it isn't as bad for some reason.

Second, and this is really all I could come up with at the moment because my past two days have been amazing: Jim Norton got told by the guys from Red Eye that the Crash made in 2004 SUCKS compared the amazing one made in 1996.
And this isn't rage inducing for me; I fucking loved every minute of it. Lil Jimmy on the other hand sounded really let down that his buddies weren't right there with him on some Oscar winning piece of shit. And that's what it is, by the way. Brendan Fraiser and Sandra Bullock should never be taken seriously - that movie is a joke.

Whatever, I just loved hearing Jim go " guys didn't like Crash?" referring to his favorite film. He talks more about that movie than a Clockwork Orange. I mention that because most of his film taste is fucking great. I couldn't agree more with him on some of the movies he loves, but what the fuck? Crash? Maybe it was okay. It did win an award and obviously people like it... but the best movie ever? No. And the way he talks about it being so great for covering racism? WHO FUCKING CARES. I don't want some preachy bullshit from a movie with shitty actors that I hate. IT'S GOT FUCKING LUDACRIS IN IT. Movie's got a rapper in it? Here, give me the cover so I can wipe my ass with it.

You think a guy like Jim Norton would love a movie like Crash (1996) because he's a pretty sexually frustrated guy. Or maybe not? Maybe he's just a real deviant as he likes to go on about some of his more erotic escapades with random women that he may or may not have paid to do really dirty stuff with. (Golden showers anyone?) That's what the original Crash was! A bunch of overly sexually frustrated people spiral down into extremely deviant behavior. Though, mostly a metaphor for that kind of thing because the in this version of Crash, the film gets it's name from just that - car crashes. Yes, they get off on car crashes. But you gotta admit, that's pretty entertaining.

No one can look away from a good car wreck, right? I know I can't.

Last note: I'm so happy because Rich finally got his car working, including the smogging test which is passed and the registration!! And we're going to get computer parts (power supply and graphics card) from a friend for only 50$ which I can afford! So my apologies if my NRW wasn't that great, but I tried my hardest to go on a ti-raid.
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