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Past Couple O' Days

Don't worry, I have a Norton update - my game literally crashed today... so who knows what's happening with that.

So we went to Chevy's! I've never been to one before. And normally, I wouldn't like authentic mexican cuisine, or even semi-authentic... because I think that's what I had. It was real mexican food, but a rather some what authentic take on it?

Whatever. What I hate was really god damn good. Like so good, I couldn't believe I was eating it because normally I wouldn't.

That bowl was Rich's btw. It was supposed to be a burrito.. but...

He made his own! From pita's; the pitas came from a big machine that was sitting on the side of the restaurant, just popping them out.

Then there was this. Fried Ice Cream. I've never had that before either, and it was kind of weird, but also pretty good.

Dude - I can't eat anywhere without this happening.

I got this big ass brownie thing afterwards, because why not? It fell over as the waiter was bringing it to us, but we stood it back up.

The rest of Sunday night was nothing but car trouble - not Rich's car, but his mom's. It wouldn't start, but then like an hour later, we got it too and went straight home because omg what a pain in the ass.

So today, Rich had to take his own car to an auto place to get it smoged because it had failed some other smog test. And the car is going to be there for awhile.. three days? Something like that. So we went walking around Redding.

Don't know if you can see it; but H&R Block had like five signs for their ONE store.

We drive by the Sew What! store all the time on the highway and yell out the name. It's ridiculous.

I ate at Del Taco this morning. I need to stop.

Cheap cigs and adult stores.

This ia great place for a church. Right in between some commercial buildings.

HEE. We didn't do this, it's been there forever.

His hair isn't really blue like mine, that's the light from outside.

Fill in the blank. (we've looked at it before, it says BACK right after wet.)

Right out side of Best Buy.

My favorite thing today: This extremely gay truck. Pink flames, really? You can't say homo better than with pink flames.

We went home on the bus. boo.
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