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Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

I GOT MY GOD DAMN CHECK. I'd be more excited, but it seems they are delaying it from me now. Also, as I thought before - they are not deducting $50 yet.

So there.

Other than that, I got myself all paranoid reading up on conspiracy theories for numerous things. Most predominantly, the 9/11 attacks. And I can explain: Rich and I are night owls, we heard some best of (replays) of the opie and anthony show where they were interviewing Jesse Ventura in studio. They actually play this clip a lot because it was a very heated argument between the guys on the show and Jesse about 9/11 conspiracies.

If you don't know, Jesse Ventura was once a wrestler who become a governor, who likes to talk about how he was in the Navy Seals. Cool story, bro.

Anyway - Rich started randomly looking up the footage from the awful day. I hadn't seen these videos since.. gee, when it happened? And then like, right after it happened and everyone was still freaking the fuck out?
There were two that I watched that really kind of bothered me. The one where you can hear the guy yelling and some woman screaming "oh my god" as you can see the tower falling... and then the one that I saw A LOT thanks to different news programs looping the fucking thing: The guy who was WAY TOO FUCKING CLOSE to the building as it came down and then started running and the footage is him dropping his camera while it's on; you see his shadow with the camera strap hanging from his shoulder.

And just saying - that guy ran really fast. Like holy shit fast.

Whatever. That's what got us looking up things until like 5 in the morning; reading articles and looking at photographs. Some stuff I knew about, and some stuff I didn't.

OH, I just fond this lovely article about the BODY himself. rofl. Too bad his quote about THERMITE paint isn't in there. That one kills me everytime I hear it.

I think I learned some things.. along with being overly paranoid. But I have ways of calming that down of course. Oh & this wouldn't have been a great 9/11 post. Okay.
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