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My hair is blue now - and no I'm not very excited about it.. took it forever to get it to look right, including a shampoo.
I miss they days when my hair would easily turn colors. What happened?

And what post of mine would be complete with out food spam? Warning: You might get grossed out.

Big ass hamburger patty filled with cheese.

Not even a real hamburger, but in fact, a meat sandwich.

This one is just wtf, really.

And no, I didn't eat it. I took one bite out of it - it wasn't bad.. but still. No way would eat something that large.

Here's something I haven't talked about! My back has been hurting for a few weeks now. It's just my lower back, but it's pretty painful. It seems to be the worst when I go to sit down, or bend over. Now, bending over is something I can avoid I guess. But sitting down? I have to do that all the time. I can't just be standing all over the house. That's weird.
Whatever, my point is that something is obviously wrong with my back.

~edit~ is Danie dying from swine flu?!
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