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No More Booze

That's right. I'm not gonna drink anymore. Well, not for awhile. And definitely not the rest of the time I'm here. I'd say I'm going to give it up until I get out of here, and then probably well into getting a job.. so I probably won't be drinking until sometimes next year.
& yeah, that's a weird goal.

LOL look at Rich drinking. He said it didn't really taste alcoholic or like pink lemonade.

It really didn't taste like pink lemonade. Shame. Cause I love pink lemonade.

..they started in 99?

Rich and I saw this as we were walking back from a store. He said he thought maybe his mother did it. We only thought this because that morning she had been digging loads of shit out of her room.. then she took off with the car.

Not sure it was her.

Oh yeah. You're not supposed to do that.

I got myself down to like, 150 some pounds... AND RICH BRINGS THIS HOME FOR ME. God dammit.

Tags: i'm being dumb, photogenics, rich

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