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Ever since earbuds have come out; I've been trying to use them. And it doesn't work out.

Are my ears a weird shape or something? I realize, that now they're much more popular than ever.. in fact the only other headphones I find now, that are for like, stereo listening - are the skullcandy ones. You know the large ones, that everyone can tell you're listening to something if you have them on.

But I'm kind of self conscious about wearing headphones into places. Usually when I use them now a days - I'm walking to a store of some kind. Whenever I go into a store, I end up having to have some kind of communication with who ever is behind the counter. When I do that and I have headphones, either in my ears, or around my neck - the conversation isn't all that great.

It's like they can tell I don't want to have to communicate with them.
(That's actually very weird, and shouldn't matter.)

The newer earbuds that came with my XM were seeming to work. Then today, what has always happened before happened: They fall out of my ears. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?
I should reiterate, Are my ears a weird shape or something?!

Yes, they come in different sizes, but that doesn't seem to matter. They still find a way to fall out of my ears.

The bad thing is that I kind of want to use those kind of headphones. For a long time I didn't, because I thought it was a lost cause trying to get them to fit. I get these new ones and I thought it was all cured. I guess not. I'd rather wear small little headphones rather than large noticeable ones.
Especially if I'm going to look for a job. I don't think I want to be remembered as the girl who came in wearing very large headphones around her neck. That doesn't really scream "I want a job."
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