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Exactly what the title says. I've been really lazy lately. So lazy, that I'm holding off on putting Photoshop on my computer again. It's not a hard process or anything, I just hate doing it for some reason. I hate installing things in general. Such an awful process to go through. Next>next> Oh fuck, what is this?>next>next> No I don't want to install this extra bullshit.

Mainly, because recently, I installed Norton anti-virus that I got a free sub for. And then my laptop couldn't handle it. So it's like it's going to waste or something. It was free, but still. I hate not using free stuff as much as I hate not using paid for things.

Tried to go to bed early last night. I did succeed, but staying asleep wasn't possible. At one point I was awoken by the smaller dog - Butch. He came in to sit on me apparently? I woke up cuddling with him in some weird manner and he was sniffing my face. He has a rather large nose on his snout, so all I got when I woke up was a huge dog nose sniffing me. Wet dog nose.

I'm not actually complaining, I'm just trying to explain what happened. I don't want anyone to think that I'm ever annoyed by that dog ever. His owners seem to think otherwise. Or they just think, "I don't want the dog to annoy her, or seem like he's annoying her". So he's constantly getting called off of things. Which is silly.

No more on that, though.

I got a paycheck yesterday. No celebrating because I don't feel like I deserve the money. I do very little around here. Like it says; slacking, lazy, etc.
The hardest thing is to not spend my entire paycheck on food. I didn't get a lot, either. I made more working at Winn-Dixie.

Then someone had to tell me, "they're going to take $50-60 out of your check". Maybe they will and maybe they won't. I hate hearing this shit - because I never know what to believe out of people. Probably because I don't trust them. For some reason that's hard for me to admit.
Perhaps I just want people to say reliable things? Which I've yet to encounter. (That's not entirely true! The neighbors were somewhat reliable even though others said they were not.)

Today I have things to do. And apparently photoshop to install. More importantly, I'm going to look at apartments. I've been looking at them on Craigslist; but there is very little info there. I'm going to go get into the nitty gritty of getting a place to live with Rich.

I should be happier. I have money if I need it now.
I suck at being happy, because I'm so lazy.
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