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Fire Day

Yeah, yesterday there was a huge fire in our neighborhood.
I'll post more pictures later, as I don't have photoshop at the moment.

We got blocked out of our place, because Rich and I packed our things and took off as soon as we saw all the smoke. And we went out rubbernecking like assholes, to take pictures like the one you see.

That's the best one, though, honestly. It's the only one where you can see flames. I saw much more flames, but couldn't get a picture. Driving fast on the highway, and all.

We do have some really good ones of all the damn firetrucks & the firefighters. It wasn't all that scary. The people evacuating was pretty hardcore... I saw some people walking away that looked like maybe they were injured.

The fires going on in LA are much worse right now. Whole fucking state is burning down.
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