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My Birthday; Pretty Much.

I'm going to try and do this if my internet doesn't go out on me again and again. This is so fucking annoying.

Del taco cups at the bank!

The ATM at the bank has little mirrors, so you can see if some one's coming up behind you to kick your ass and take your money.

How Rich always dresses. Look at his buttons:


Oh look, my old hair. It doesn't look bad in this picture, but god was I tire of it.

Someone's nice ass subaru got keyed with a good "F U". You couldn't spell "Fuck" huh?

This fucking thing is always at the mall. Now it's for sale. Probably because it's hideous.

My new hair cut. Which makes my fading look not so bad, haha. And I didn't that bad of a time at the salon. Maybe this Regis is better than the other one I went to. That wasn't that bad, now that I look back on it.

I had pizza for breakfast! Not good, I was just starting to get thin. Not to worry, today my meals were much better.

I got finger nail polish too, that I thought was going to be 6 dollars and turned out to be 12. But I'm glad I got it now, because I found out later, it glows in the dark!

They're rebuilding the WalMart in redding. This isn't the one Rick works at.

Right after I got my new eyebrow piercing!! It's already starting to look better. I was fucking furious when they guy took it out. I've tired several times to unscrew the thing I had in before this newer one, and he just unscrewed it with his fingers. WTF man.
Also, the price for getting that done? Outrageous. Next time I'm just going to rip it out myself.

He gave me sea salt too, though. Obviously that wasn't free. wtf.

Just me on my birthday. This was after I got my XM radio, btw.

We went to In and Out Burger for lunch. Saw this outside on someone's car, thought it was hardcore.

They have good fries, but they're too skinny. I kind of like soft soggy fries, too. Because I'm an idiot with poor taste buds.

The burgers they have there are really really good. I don't believe there is a better burger. Don't take my word for it; poor taste buds and all.

Rich takes such wonderful pictures of me!

This piercing is much smaller than the one I had before. And it has bigger ball bearings on it, which are pink, but you'd never know from the photograph. Which sucks. I wanted to get something green, but they had nothing green that was all pyramid like. Or spikes as some people call them. "Spikes" just sounds so lame to me, I don't know.

Haven't had one of these in so long. I haven't even seen one in a long time. I used to drink them all the time when I was a kid and they had re-released them.

I can never take pictures of his food anymore without him getting involved in some way.

We ate dinner at the asian place here in town. I talked to the woman about getting a job there. But I guess she doesn't want me to walk home in the dark. She's really friendly, though. Most of the asians I'm coming across around here are.

Not so much the white people - wonder why.

My new xm under the black light. I love this thing. It has an amazing screen; plus it uses micro SD cards. So when I get one of those, I can test the mp3 functionality of it. Could not find a Creative Zen anywhere in this general area of Cali. WTF.
Doesn't matter, I love not listening to the radio online. Stupid online radio blows.

Rosco using my fucking pillow!

They were both in here, taking up space. But I love them.
Rosco's in my room at this moment, blocking my fan. Fucking dogs.

I also got Lewis Black's new book for my birthday - I already like it; but it's very different from what Jim Norton's doing with his books. I looked through Norton's new book too. I would have gotten that one also... but we're broke because of my stupid birthday now. Go me.
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