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This Week On...

I love how he's using Vitamin Water to point to people.

"hmm, cat piss"

Needles is getting the Dyke fight under way (god I love Adam Ferrera); but I miss Franco's dyke girlfriend. He finally finds the perfect woman and can't be with her because she's slightly gay?

It's totally okay, though, because I fucking LOVE Maura Tierney on here now.

"I am not a cougar. I'm a different type of animal"

"What're you.. you're buttering me up"

All of a sudden they bring back the "Tommy Gavin looks like (insert awful celebrity here)" jokes.
And Needles does a sloppy job of mentioning the Best Man Buffer idea from Lou.


This fight was pretty epic, and yeah, kind of intense. More intense things have happened on the show, but wow. Not only that, it looked slightly real.

She is playing such an outgoing character & look, Tommy has a new friend to drink with.
Ever since the first episode she showed up, I had a feeling they'd start setting up some kind of relationship with her and Tommy.

More Sheila; who's been in like every episode this season. And she's always dressed up to go somewhere. Where does she have to go all the time? Book club?
Also, they go on about her son wanting to bang her, and then in turn, Tommy also wanted to bang his mom which is why he married Janet. Who apparently looks similar to a young Cloris Leechman. lolwat.

There's her lovely "oh yeah, he had an affair" face. Seriously, she had a huge grin on her face at one point. She is so psychotic - her husband cheated on her right before he died in 9/11 and she's just like "yeah, it was totally okay." LOL.

Only time Tommy has ever been floored by something, EVER.

Because he's still drinking, he still sees his cousin's ghost. But unlike before, he's trying to get answers for questions that he himself doesn't know the answer to.

"Was it someone I knew?"

Lou/Ken's awkward wedding in their bar. The bar idea is bad ass, too. They did the same thing on Mission Hill.

"Where is she?"
"Probably looking for a safe"

Needles is an awful best man.

Topping it off: Candy, Lou's beautiful ex-hooker bride is creepy the entire time. And really short with his friends... and it's a wedding, where are all her friends? Or is it assumed she has none because of her jail time?
She did say people were cruel to her...

You might not be able to see it well, but the first person she goes to hug? Sean. err, white Sean. Does she even know him?
I'm just trying to say she gives funny vibes giving me the idea that the marriage thing is going to turn sour.

"Am I making a mistake here?"
a resounding "Naaaah" from the crowd.

"I give em till the end of the year"
"Hah! I give em till the end of the block!"

Two more episodes and the marriage will be annulled. That or she pulls another number on Lou.

You gotta wonder if Tommy really knows that it's not a ghost of Jimmy he's seeing. He always seems so surprised when he finds out it's gone.

Another musicless episode that was damn good.
Only one more left before the season finale - yay!

real life news: I'm sick, I have back pains and cramps.. and I wish I could be doing some kind of H.
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