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I Like Lists

Movies I should own, but don't for some reason

Jacob's Ladder - mostly because I don't want to feel like a psycho, even though I really do love this movie and want to see it again. And I swear to god I didn't know Lewis Black was in it until fucking O&A mentioned it.. and the fucking movie has a bunch of people in it you'd never expect.
But still, it's a ground breaking movie and I should have it just for that.

Labyrinth - all crotch jokes aside; I like this movie. And for some reason I'd only feel right watching it if it was back to back with the Dark Crystal. Also, it's a semi-musical and I try sooo hard to stray away from that.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - you know what? There is no good excuse. Not even "I didn't like the books" is good enough, because it's not like I read them recently. Oh and the boat ride scene is creepy to this day. Yes, with all the awful things I've watched, that is what creeps me out. The ridiculous boat ride.

The Secret of NIMH - I almost bought this. I did, I was so fucking close to having this. Then my dad told me it was a different version? Wiki says there's a cleaned up version, using color correction. I don't think that would bother me too much. But wiki also says I can see it on Hulu; lol why? There's an awful sequel to stay away from as well. Cool.

Rabid - one of the Cronenberg movies I don't have for one reason or another. I saw this recently, though. It's pretty fucking awesome for an early film from a highly experimental director.

A History Of Violence - I really just think that it's so available, I'd be able to get it anywhere. Apparently I should hold out until I get my hands on European version because it's slightly more violent.

Spider - Just a hard one to watch. It has very little dialogue and so many fucked up things going on. I think I don't have it because I'd have to go out of my way to get it on amazon.

Irréversible - I love it; but omg it's a little too fucked up. Most realistic face beating ever, and the rape is like.. just wow. I wonder how many times I could really sit through this.

Troll - I saw it last year since I had seen it when I was younger. I should have it just because of naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sonny Bono (who wasn't naked). Also, midgets, talking plants and Harry Potter before JK Rowling.

Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz - I do have SotD recorded, but I feel like I shouldn't. I should own both of these for the hell of it. But I'm waiting on the third in the series. Like it's going to happen. I'm still hopeful, lol.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - It's obviously not enough to have the entire series. That's all I'll say.

The Shining, but also A Clockwork Orange - Probably some other Stanly Kubrick films, that I really want to have special editions of, which is why I haven't bought either yet. But for some fucking reason I just got Full Metal Jacket straight up, without anything else. WTF was I thinking? I fuckin knew it!!

Stuff that's too fucking hard for me to find:
Puppet Master - It's very sad, but I would like to own all of the sequels eventually, which would be so fucking expensive. The only way I could think of getting this to happen would be to buy the boxset directly from the Full Moon website.

Guinea Pig - I don't have any, and I've only seen one, which wasn't even the good one. Gotta love how people charge 77$ for them on amazon, too. I just love when idiots do that. I don't think there's a boxset either, because some of them come as double features. I think that rules out the boxset. Oh yeah and they're imports no matter what, so always pricey.

Salo - Yeah right, Like I'd ever get this unless I downloaded it. Seriously, they quit making the Criterion Collection. FUCKERS.

Ken Park - I feel lucky I got to see it once. I think I can just accept that this is probably impossible to get on regular DVD ever. It has not found a distributor since its initial showing at the Telluride Film Festival in 2002. Would lol again. *eyeroll*
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