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i r 1337 nao

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - I'm not a big fan of the crazy stoner movies.. but this is win/win with the asian invasion.

Iron Man - Big Robert Downy Jr headdesk. & Gweneth Paltrow? Wtf?

Speed Racer - I'm sorry.. wut? Double fail for Emil Hersh and no Elisha Cuthbert. Srsly.

Second installment of Narnia - slight headdesk.. but I might get on this action because I used to read the books.

Midnight Meat Train - One last win for Clive Barker before he remakes Hellraiser.. what a shame.

Indiana Jones 4 - headdesk for Harrison Ford's age & Shia Labouf being present for more than 2 minutes. Win for putting Cate Blanchet in a soviet get up. lulz soviet russia.

Postal - HEAD FUCKING DESK OMG WUT? Fucking Uwe Boll and his faggotry. Win for naked Dave Foley.

Sex and the City - I thought I went over this one.. but apparently.. one of them is going to die now. (not just IRL)

The Incredible Hulk - Didn't we do this already!? HEADDESK.

Get Smart - pop culture headdesk.


Step Brothers - Massive headdesk. :( No more faggotry, plz?

X-Files movie - WIN THIS IS FILLED WITH WIN!! (I haven't lost faith in entertainment just yet..)
Don't worry.. the terminator isn't apart of it, either. David Duchovny had nothing better to do.
Also.. the first movie scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Actually, most X-Files stuff just makes me paranoid as all hell.

The Mummy goes asian... - China has mummys... OMG HEADDESK.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno - this is a bit too far ahead, but alas, I think I will finally go see another Kevin Smith film in the near future.

Gay Dumbledore dies 2008 - Harry Potter headdesk as per usual.

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