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Figured I'd Do This.

I'm trying to write a book again - we'll see how that goes. lawl.

Haha, this is the over look on Redding from Hilltop Drive - I need to get a better shot of it, though. All the ones I have are so-so.

Shasta Lake's city sign - with fake waterfall. Really good Chinese place is right behind that thing. That's why I was next to it.

I don't think I have enough pictures of bread bowls. I didn't eat any of this one, Rich did.

I had these over priced mini burgers instead. Well, two of them were mini burgers, others were "chicken sliders". The chicken sliders were soo much better.

Thumb cat just likes to harass us sometimes. It seems like we hang out with these cats non-stop because I'm always photographing them, but I swear it's a rare occasion.

Okay, watch out, more food pictures; I know how you guys like to rage over these.

My first time ever eating at a Hometown Buffet. Pretty good for a cheap hick place.

Only Rich would put fucking chicken on his mashed potatoes. That grosses me out.

There's that awesome fucking chicken alfredo I had, with broccoli in it. God damn, that shit was good.

I promise you this is dessert and not something else entirely.

Rich's dessert - not quite as gross as mine. Why are buffet desserts always so random and weird?

I don't feel like I have enough pictures of this cat.

She likes to come in our room and sleep under our futon. Sometimes I catch her under there after she's been there all fucking day. I open the door and she comes running out.

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