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Pretty Sure I'm Dying Inside

I feel like shit from waking up just now. I don't think I stayed up any later than usual... Watched a really depressing movie last night. Made me think too much.

Anyway - I had this weird nightmare. And this is what a nightmare is to me:

Rich and I were driving around, having fun. Then we were at some store - he recognizes some woman. I'm trying to get back in the car while we're in the parking lot. He won't stop talking to this fucking woman. So I'm irritated.
She's the usual blond aryan bitch that I hate because guys are always interested in stupid white women over someone ethnic like me.
They keep talking and then Rich finally tells me we're going to follow her somewhere.
I'm pissed off so instead of arguing with him, because I hate that. I go to sleep in the passenger seat. When I wake up, no one is driving. So I freak out and start trying to control the car. Now I'm more upset than ever.

There's a fucking candle burning in between the seats for some reason. I follow Rich and this woman to some church. I get out when I get there and try to get his attention, but still he's so caught up with this fucking cunt. They were setting up some stupid banquet thing inside. I'm following Rich around trying to get his attention, and I'm crying because he keeps turning me away.
The woman obviously doesn't care, either. They were doing something with candles when I start screaming at him. Pretty much begging him to look at what a mess I am and to please comfort me & he finally does.

I know it was just a dream, but what the fuck. It was also really fucking irritating.

Even more annoying - spellcheck wants me to capitalize the word aryan? FUCK YOU.
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